We each have a winning formula that helps us function most optimally and create the fulfillment, accomplishment, and success we strive for.

Some of us function best when for example, we exercise daily, do our spiritual practice, have time alone, have regular breaks or go to bed at a certain time.

What helps you function the best? What needs do you have that must be honored?

Very often we overlook our needs and get caught up in our list of To Dos or the Have Tos in the moment.  Your needs are important.  When you focus on your needs, you function most efficiently and have the best results. I am most inspired and do my best the early in the morning when I’m alone and in the quiet.

How about you? What sets you up for your success?  A routine, a way of thinking, a positive thing you do for yourself?  What sets you up for your success day in and day out?

Your winning formula is also how you create new things and how you create success for yourself. Some of us are persistent and we just keep going.  I’ve been working steadily on my business for 32 years and enjoying the fruition of many of my dreams. Don’t worry – you don’t have to take 32 years!

Determine your unique success formula that will help you function optimally each and every day. Look at what you need to do and experience so that you will achieve ongoing success and fulfillment in your life and work.  Once we understand how we uniquely work and what fuels our engine of success we can achieve more than we ever thought possible.

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