The Causes of self doubt

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

William Shakespeare

Self doubt holds you back from seizing your opportunities. It hinders you for reaching your dreams and aspirations. People who doubt often panic about things would go out of control or not going the way as they desired.

It makes getting started or finishing things harder than they need to be.

Persistent fear and self-doubt can hugely affect your life, in a negative way.

As someone said, Self-doubt kills potential!

Self doubt leaves you entrapped in your mind, paralysed in your steps.

Common causes of self doubt:

  1. Past Experience
  2. Early childhood
  3. Peer pressure
  4. New Challenges
  5. Fear of failure
  1. 过去的经历
  2. 早期童年
  3. 同伴压力
  4. 新挑战
  5. 害怕失败

What are the keys to overcoming self doubt?

Moving from living in a climate of doubt to a climate of confidence. Taking productive steps to your freedom from fear. Stop self doubt before it stops you.

You are bigger than your self-doubt. Remind yourself of that each and every day.
“你大过你的自我怀疑。每天都要提醒自己。 ”

Caroline Ghosn

  1. Confront your thoughts
  2. Emotional and physical outlet
  3. Having me time
  4. Celebrate success
  5. Periodic Counselling
  1. 面对你的想法 (而不是逃避)
  2. 找到情绪和身体上释放的窗口,如倾述,运动等
  3. 有自我的时间
  4. 庆祝已经获得的成功
  5. 定期心理辅导咨询

Each of us have been born with a DNA of success. Turn the doubts of today to a spring board of tomorrow.

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By Dr Richard William, Feb 15, 2019

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